Welcome to Justitia

Justitia Mutual Association Incorporated (“Justitia”) was established in 1985 as an Incorporated Society, managed and controlled by legal practitioners, to provide risk management for the benefit of the legal profession.  

Reasons for choosing Justitia

Risk Management

Justitia is prominent in its support of the legal profession.  Working in conjunction with the New Zealand Law Society, Justitia helps sponsor risk management seminars to create greater awareness of the legal profession's risk exposure and explaining loss prevention techniques.


Justitia offers competitive Professional Indemnity and Companion Liability insurance policies tailored to the specific needs of legal practitioners.

Claims Administration

Members are provided with supportive claims administration, which includes technical, legal and insurance advice at no additional costs, except the application of the policy excess.  The effective management of claims is paramount and the service provided to members is second to none.